Wine Tasting at Antonia's and ravioli making experience

Adults €90
Kids € 70
second and 3rd kid will pay 50% !!

Learn how to make freshly made Ravioli at a friend's house!

Sunday 16 June 2024
Capo 08.30 am
SS 09.00 am

Today Antonia is hosting us for a fun experience: the art of making ravioli! You learn how to make the famous fresh pasta from scratch!! As usual, together with our ravioli, we will have a luscious wine tasting and lots of food. Join me for a day of fun, food and wine. Our host Antonia, from the Cortecorbo winery will open her heart to us with excellent wine, amazing food and she will treat us like one of the family. You will fall in love with her the minute you meet her.
Departures are at 08.00 at JFC, 08.30 from Capodichino and 09.00 from Gricignano, Return time is approximately 4.30 pm

Price includes

Ravioli Making Activity

Wine tasting



Tour Guide